Gifts In Memory Of Rakan Stormer

A personal campaign sponsored by Zain Habboo & Neil Stormer

jane stormer August 9, 2017 i will donate forever
Tom Hamburger August 9, 2017
The DiStefano Family August 8, 2017
Dana Jensen August 8, 2017
Hope Zimmerman August 8, 2017 Bless you. Love Hope and Dan
The Perez Family August 7, 2017 Love you guys!
Mikaela King August 7, 2017
Sarah Laskin August 7, 2017
Emily Shenk Flory August 7, 2017
Alexander Chororos August 7, 2017
Katie P August 7, 2017 Thinking about you guys. xoxo
Anonymous August 7, 2017
Jessica Wdowiarz August 7, 2017
Jessie Spielvogel August 7, 2017
Teri W. August 7, 2017 Your angel is smiling down on you for all you've done for others in his name. Sending loads of hugs to your family. xoxo
Ross Goldberg August 7, 2017 Your note said it so beautifully, and you are right -- no one should ever be told that they must let go of their child's life. In his honor and for the underserved pediatric cancer community.
Melike Oncu July 10, 2017 Zain - though we've only met once, briefly, please know that I stand with you, and for you and I pray for you, Neil and Zaid constantly. My daughter Alyssa has joined Zaid's soccer team - so I hope that means our paths will cross often. Sincerely, Mel
jane stormer July 9, 2017 i will donate forever
Anonymous July 8, 2017
Anonymous July 2, 2017

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