Gifts In Memory Of Rakan Stormer

A personal campaign sponsored by Zain Habboo & Neil Stormer

Anonymous September 23, 2016
Dawn Tepper September 23, 2016
Qais Al-Awqati September 23, 2016 Hi Zain: My heart goes out to you but I am gratified that you have faced this crisis with fortitude and strength. I have been keeping up with your news with Aysar as you know.
Qais Al-Awqati
Stephane Bowen September 23, 2016 In honor of Rakan and his short but meaningful life!
Helen Marasha September 23, 2016
Maggie Carter September 23, 2016 #teamrakan #supermomzain
Super heroes in our hearts and minds!
Anonymous September 23, 2016
Perri Gould September 23, 2016
Anonymous September 23, 2016
Cynthia English September 22, 2016 A small gift on behalf of our global youth of Global Scribes, to whom you, Zain, gave so generously of heart and spirit (just your brilliant natural self) to help us launch. A gift for research and #TeamRakan, given with the pure love shared by youth everywhere for one another. Love filled with sparkles and glitter and stars and that very special marshmallow gushiness that we know Rakan, as a unique unicorn, carried with him always. Love to you and Zaid and Neil.
Jennifer Lee September 21, 2016
Anonymous September 21, 2016
Anonymous September 19, 2016 From friends of Zain and Nancy at National Geographic
Nirvan Mullick September 19, 2016 What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful boy. Sending love. #TeamRakan
Anonymous September 18, 2016
Emily Fischer September 18, 2016 Thinking loving thoughts
Anonymous September 17, 2016
Anonymous September 17, 2016 With sympathy for your loss - I'm thinking of you, Zaid and Neil at this difficult time.
Anonymous September 17, 2016
Emily and Patricia Murphy September 16, 2016

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