Gifts In Memory Of Rakan Stormer

A personal campaign sponsored by Zain Habboo & Neil Stormer

Mala Persaud August 13, 2018
Anonymous August 12, 2018
Anonymous August 11, 2018
Kelley DeLuca August 10, 2018 Love you all
Ann-Sophie Morrissette August 10, 2018
Anonymous August 10, 2018
Alyssa Singer August 10, 2018 What a meaningful tribute to his memory. Thank you for making some good come of your terrible loss.

Sending hugs,
Colleen Teixeira Moffat August 10, 2018
Anonymous August 10, 2018 #teamrakan ❤️
Ben Wyskida August 10, 2018 Love you guys!
Kiran August 10, 2018 Sending love to you and Rakan. Kiran and his parents.
Melike Oncu August 10, 2018 Zain - though we've only met once, briefly, please know that I stand with you, and for you and I pray for you, Neil and Zaid constantly. My daughter Alyssa has joined Zaid's soccer team - so I hope that means our paths will cross often. Sincerely, Mel
Tom Hamburger August 10, 2018
jane stormer August 9, 2018 i will donate forever
Lesley Steinhauser August 6, 2018 Sweet Rakan. Love that little angel and we love you too!
Alexander Chororos July 26, 2018
Josh Lamont July 19, 2018 To the Super Heroes in you...
Anonymous July 18, 2018 In memory of Rakan.
Anonymous July 18, 2018
Katherine Kowalski July 18, 2018

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