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The Great Divide Challenge

A personal campaign sponsored by Larry Dewitt

August 14, 2018


This June, Larry Dewitt (60 years old), a Senior Cloud Engineer with Plus3 IT Systems will be embarking on his self supported race through "The Great Divide Challenge". This involves crossing the United States following the Continental Divide from North to South, Canada to Mexico, on bicycle. The course is roughly 2,800 miles and Larry will attempt to ride 15-20 hours a day with hopes to complete the challenge in 25 days or less. The goal is to get to Antelope Wells as fast as possible with no outside support. The challenge will mean riding through river valleys, mountain forests, grasslands and deserts. Batting wind in Wyoming, suffering through extreme 100+ degree temperatures, possible encounters with grizzlies, mountain lions, or other wilderness creatures. With scarce food and lack of sleep this will truly be an extreme challenge. He will carry all of his own equipment and have to find food and accommodations along the way. 

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 "This is a bike expedition over the rooftop of the United States. It will make a lasting impression propelling you forward in your life with a great feeling of achievement, and with a new sense of purpose – fit in body and mind! Rain drops may fall on your left or on your right, but the best drops will fall on the trail. Drops of sweat on the trail of The Great Divide."

Plus3 It Systems will be corporately sponsoring Larry and his challenge for a cause. They will match the first 2.5K donated, lets help him get to his 10K goal!!! Gifts received through this page will support the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Family Fund.