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United for One still needs you!

A personal campaign sponsored by Rana, Mark, Clara and artists

February 13, 2019


ORGANIZERS' UPDATE: United for One exceeded its initial goal for fundraising, and attendance during its opening on April 22 at Children's National Hospital in Washington. We thank everyone, from the bottom of our hearts,  who gave so generously to continue the fight against scoliosis. We still need you!!! The march toward preventing scoliosis continues and United for One shows our unified commitment to prevail against this debilitating condition.

Our daughter, Clara, had scoliosis surgery at Children's National two years ago. Our family is grateful for the doctors, nurses, and staff who helped Clara, and we want to give back in a special way - through art! Clara wore a brace for four years and needed surgery as her curve kept getting worse. She is now a healthy, beautiful young lady and gained two inches of height after surgery!  My husband, Mark, was struck by the extraordinary quality of everyone at Children’s, but mostly he witnessed day and night how everyone there comes together as a team to fight disease. We were all continuously moved by everyone. We wanted to give back and help. Please join us!

A hospital may seem like an unusual setting for an art show, but for our family, Children's has been a great place of healing and inspiration. United for One will not only benefit the hospital but also bring together a community of people, traveling from all over, to give and share and support one another. The art has been a bright light for all those who work in the hospital, and for the patients, help us keep it there.

Please consider making a donation via this page to support Children's orthopedic program. Your donation will help children who are less fortunate get the best care possible so they can grow up strong. We sincerely hope you will join us in our cause!







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