The finish line is just the beginning.

Team Captain Info

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Achieve Fundraising Success with these easy tips!

  1. Recruit team members  to run or walk and fundraise for the team
  2. Set Attainable Goals:  we encourage all team captain’s to set a minimum personal fundraising goal of $250 and a minimum team fundraising goal (# of team members X $250)
  3. Inspire and motivate team members by sharing your personal experience with Children’s National - why you're passionate about this cause
  4. Update your personal and team fundraising pages and make sure team members have updated their personal fundraising pages.
  5. Make it fun! Provide internal incentives or special recognition to team members who reach their fundraising goal. This can be as simple as recognizing them in your outreach emails and on your personal Facebook page.
  6. Set up a schedule of emails and communications with team members so they are up to date on your team’s fundraising achievements.
  7. Update team members on important Race information such as fundraising contests, pre-race events, and race day information.
  8. Promotion and publicize the race through email, promotional materials, and social media channels - such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  9. Host a team fundraiser to raise awareness and additional funds.
  10. Personally thank all of your donors through a personal phone call, email, written note, or a shout out on social media.

Team Incentives

See a list of the 2016 incentives.

Team Captains, remember to:

Share your story. People are more likely to give if you share the reason why you are participating in the Race. Remember to update your personal fundraising page and team page with a photo, story, and how their money will make a difference. Click here for a list of how their money can support the cause.

Integrate fundraising into a social gathering or special event. Is your birthday coming up? Why not ask friends and family to give to the cause instead of receiving gifts. Reach out to a local restaurant to host a happy hour. Most bars/restaurants will provide you with discounted pricing which a $5/$10 admission at the door. What’s the catch? You get to keep the price of entry to put toward your fundraising dollars. Here are some other ideas: host a BBQ, movie night, karaoke party, or bake sale.

Don’t be afraid to ask for support. Don’t miss any opportunity to ask for a team or personal fundraising gift, whether at work, school, social event, or event at a doctor’s appointment or outside meeting. You’d be surprised at how many people would be willing to support you if you just ask.

Start a team challenge! Are you in an organization with multiple locations? Do you have various departments at work? Do you have other friends participating on a separate team? If so, start a friendly competition between teams that will result in more money raised for Children’s National! Update teams on their progress through email or social media posts to keep members energized. Give a shout out or prize to the winning team post-Race. Want some help with your team challenge? Email us at

Utilize the fundraising tools and fundraising center. Send fundraising and recruitment emails. Post through your social media channels. Click here to download fundraising tools.

Coordinate an all-team ASK day! Pick a day – a day of significance to you or your team or perhaps the person you are supporting or honoring – and set a fundraising goal for the team. On the pre-arranged day, everyone will commit to asking whomever they see in-person or online for a donation.

Double donations with corporate matching. Check to see if your company matches gifts and ask your team members to check if their company or donors match. You can do an easy matching search - HERE.