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Matching Gifts

Check if your employer will match your fundraising gifts by searching below:

Matching Gift FAQs:

I see that my employer matches. What should I do next?
Follow the "Procedure" steps as listed in the search information.

My donor submitted the matching gift request months ago but it hasn't showed on my fundraising page.
Each company has a different payout schedule. Some prefer to payout matches monthly while others send disbursements biannually. Please see the company policy for specific disbursement schedules. If the company claims that the match has been sent, please contact our office to make sure it was properly allocated to your fundraising page -

If the donation is restricted, will the corporate match be restricted?
Yes. In most cases, the donor can enter a fund when submitting the matching gift request. If the check doesn’t list a clear fund, the matching gift will be restricted to mirror the designation, appeal, etc. of the initial gift. If we are unable to determine the original gift due to lack of donor detail in the report, or if the donor wants to remain anonymous, we will then use the listed designation on the check (if applicable) and the matching gift appeal that corresponds to the current fiscal year. We would only deviate from the original gift designation if it is explicitly stated by the matching gift company.